What is AWEsome Retreat?

AWEsome Retreat is the first, and currently only, retreat on the West Coast specifically for influencers with a large focus on theme parks. That all is pretty awesome 😉 but you probably want more information to know if AWEsome is for you. So we give you a little Q&A about AWEsome:

What will AWEsome Retreat focus on?

AWEsome Retreat will focus on education that pertains to theme park influencers. While we wish we could cover all the things at every event, we will have to choose specific topics for our retreats. Some of the things we will cover on our retreats include:

  • How to make partnerships and monetize while staying true to your niche
  • The importance of accurate coverage
  • Photography in the parks
  • When vacation is work – Finding a balance
  • Growing your community
  • How to stand out in a sea of theme park creators

Where will AWEsome Retreat be held?

Currently, we are planning on holding our retreats in Southern California. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter if you want to get all the info as soon as it is announced.


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What is the cost of AWEsome Retreat?

We do not have pricing yet, but we are working hard to try and make AWEsome a great value, while being sure to give the education and hands on experience that is needed.

How do I know if AWEsome Retreat is a good fit for me?

AWEsome is going to be for those who are established in the theme park niche of influence. Yes, that includes those who may only be on Instagram or Facebook. AWEsome Retreat is for content creators who focus on theme parks and similar family vacation destinations.

Wondering if you can still attend even though you blog about non-theme park content?

Yes, you can! We know not everyone can be all theme park blogging all the time, so this is open to anybody who has a large focus on theme parks, even if it is not your only topic.

Just remember that the focus of this event is geared towards the theme park/family resort destination aspect. Will some of the info be helpful in other areas? You bet! But don’t expect the photography session to talk about how to stage your Thanksgiving table for photos.

Why AWEsome? Why not a more pixie dusted name?

Oh man… you caught us. We all know that the majority of theme park bloggers tend to cover the mouse house, but not everyone does. Plus, well, we wanted a name that meant something. So what does AWEsome mean? And why in heck are we typing it that way?

When we were brain storming names, one thing that we knew is that we wanted a name that meant something. While I tried to find something cutesy, playing on theme parks (Ride and Write Retreat came to mind) I kept coming back to the reason we wanted to start this retreat. So when I brought up AWEsome, and explained the meaning(s) behind it, it stuck.

The AWE in AWEsome has two meanings, and you can pick which one you love. The original concept was Amuse, Write, Excite. But later, I added in (without telling Jessica) Amusement park Writers’ Education. No matter which you choose, we all know that theme parks are AWEsome, and that is why it stuck.

What else should I know about AWEsome?

Hmmm…. Well, just know that AWEsome has been in my mind for a long time. In fact, I spent a lot of time telling other people that they should organize a retreat like this before realizing that if I wanted it to happen, then I needed to do it. Also, know that this retreat is being organized by someone like you. You can learn more about me on our creators’ page, but I have been there and I have been through what other theme park bloggers are going through. I still am. I am excited to bring our niche together and help us climb.