Who Is Behind AWEsome?

Wondering who are the creators of AWEsome Retreat and why do they care about Theme Park influencers? Learn all about the creators below.

Becca Robins

Becca is the mastermind behind AWEsome Retreat.

Becca began blogging about Disneyland in 2012 (after closing another blog). Becca rebranded and while she still has a large focus on Disneyland she now covers other travel destinations, including other theme parks, on This Crazy Adventure Called Life.

Becca is a co-founder of the popular Facebook group Disneyland with Kids. The group has 11,000 members less than 18 months after launching. Not only does it have a large membership, the group boasts 40,000 engagements per month.

Becca is the co-author of the book “Disneyland with Kids, Ultimate Resource Guide by Four Disneyland Moms” available for instant download or on Amazon.

Becca remembers attending blog conferences as a Disney focused blogger and so much of the information was inspiring, but may not have applied to her. She felt like nobody understood the exact challenges and specific audience that she had. She longed for a Disney Bloggers Retreat, or even one for all theme park bloggers. She is excited to finally be making her dream a reality with the help of Jessica.

Becca lives in Idaho with her husband and three sons. They visit Southern California and the multiple theme parks there (though Disneyland is her favorite) several times per year. In her spare time Becca enjoys camping, hiking, photography, and dabling in crafts.

Jessica Sanders

Jessica has been super supportive of AWEsome Retreat. From the moment Becca came to her with the idea, she has helped in any way she can to make this dream a reality.

Jessica has been blogging, and helping people plan Disneyland vacations for five years via her site The Happiest Blog On Earth. There Jessica gives information on everything families need when planning their visits, and even helps them make personalized itineraries for their vacations.

Jessica is also a co-founder of Disneyland with Kids Facebook group and is, honestly, the organization queen for the admins. She makes sure we know who is where when and what needs to get done.

While Jessica did co-author the book “Disneyland with Kids, Ultimate Resource Guide by Four Disneyland Moms” she has also authored other Disneyland books. “How to Disneyland” and “Disneyland On Any Budget” can both be found on Amazon.

Jessica lives in Utah (though she is still a California girl at heart) with her husband and three kids. She visits Southern California a lot and is always game to squeeze in some time at Disneyland and the beach.