10 Unique Challenges Faced by Theme Park Influencers

I remember sitting at a blog conference years ago, thinking how all this information was so great, and while I was able to put a lot of it to work for me, there was still so many challenges I had that I was not getting help with. Conference after conference passed, and nobody had sessions about these unique circumstances that I faced being in the Theme Park niche. It is part of the reason I often dreamed of a retreat specifically for bloggers in the Theme Park niche…and a part of how AWEsome came to be. So what are some of these unique challenges faced by Theme Park influencers? Let’s take a look. 10 Challenges You Face When You Are A Theme Park Influencer 1. Keeping up with all the news Theme parks change a lot. And let’s be honest, most of us are probably covering a certain theme park run by a mouse. Have you ever had a mouse scurry across the ground in front of you? Have you seen how fast they can move and how quickly they can change directions. That is often what it feels like trying to keep up with all the announcements for Theme Parks. When Disney has a blog just for their parks, where they post multiple articles per day, you can imagine¬† how hard it is for one person to keep up with that. 2. You’re building a brand around someone else’s brand Bloggers and influencers often hear about branding, but what do you do when what you write about is a brand in itself? This challenge is why within a few year span, we saw dozens of Disney bloggers rebrand. In fact, even with rebrand, and a 60/40 split of content (Disney being the smaller percentage) I was recently told by Read More